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UPDATED: September 10, 2018

Awarded Board Specialty Certification in Child Language from ASHA, Dr. Fernald is also a Training Leader and Expert DIR/Floortime Provider. Additionally, she is Hanen certified in It Takes Two To Talk and More Than Words. As a speech language pathologist, she works with children who have a variety of communication disorders, with specialties in Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Autism, and Selective Mutism. Dr. Fernald is knowledgeable in utilizing various types of AAC software, including ProLoQuo 2 Go, LAMP Words for Life, and TouchChat. Caregivers are an integral part of all interventions and participate in treatment sessions.

My philosophy of therapy includes incorporating the family from the start. Caregivers are part of the session from the moment they come in the door. I follow the child’s lead to whichever therapy room he selects – the sensory gym, with swings, trampolines, and a crash pad; the arts/crafts room, with play doh, paints, crayons, and paper; or the pretend play room, with a kitchen, puppets, animals,books, and puzzles. Therapy goals are integrated into a child’s natural play to simulate typical development and encourage generalization to the child’s natural environment. Seeing children proud of themselves and confident in navigating the social world is why i love being a developmental and relationship-based SLP!

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Joleen Fernald

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