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UPDATED: November 19, 2019

About Eaton Academy
Eaton Academy designs education solutions in a K-12 academic environment devoted to meeting students’ individual needs. Programs, offered in both group and individual settings, provide a college preparatory curriculum.
Our 5:1 overall student-to-teacher ratio allows instructors to address students’ personal learning styles. Through the use of technology, multisensory instruction, and a wide variety of curricular resources, students achieve significant academic and personal success.

Eaton Academy serves students who benefit from a more customized model of education, designed to meet their personal needs.
Eaton Academy features a rigorous and academically challenging college prep curriculum. Programs are customized appropriately to meet the students’ individual needs while maintaining the academic integrity and rigor of the material. Our courses are designed so that students may realize their specific education objectives. To meet the individual needs of our learners, we focus on the:

identification of learning styles
use of state-of-the-art resources and technology
implementation of STEAM-oriented activities and strategies

We offer group class programs for elementary, middle school, and high school students. These programs meet Monday through Friday for 180 days each academic year. They offer a 5:1 overall student-to-teacher ratio, and the multisensory instruction incorporates technology and study skills. Some students may choose to enroll in our Mentor or PACE programs. These programs offer a slightly smaller ratio and allow students to have a more individualized curriculum while remaining in a group setting. The Independent Study Program (ISP) features one-to-one instruction on a schedule designed for each student. In ISP students take the college prep courses they need to graduate with as much or as little tutorial support as they desire. Lastly, we also offer a group Summer School. Students elect to attend either one or both of the three-week sessions, which meet Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 1:00 in June and July.

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Eaton Academy
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