Pediatric Neurologist

Brian Wong, MD

UPDATED: April 2, 2019

Cortica is a leading provider of advanced neurological therapies for children with autism, speech and language delays, sensory processing disorder and other conditions that impact brain development. At each of Cortica’s four locations, a team of multi-disciplinary specialists offers outstanding in-home, in-clinic and telehealth services that empower families to achieve long-lasting, transformative results. Cortica serves the California communities of San Diego, Irvine, Torrance and San Rafael.

Cortica’s goal is to create a single integrated solution and therapeutic home for children with neurodevelopmental differences and their families. Based on the scientific research and clinical practice of our leaders in pediatric neurology, speech therapy, ABA, music therapy and more, we have designed a multi-modal approach that allows the team to create customized treatment programs for children based on an in-depth understanding of the child's neurobiology and developmental profile. Every child has a unique path to reach their highest potential.

Early detection and intervention have been shown to provide long-term positive effects on a child with developmental delays. In addition to serving older children, Cortica has an Early Intervention Program which enrolls children ages 18 months to 6 years of age and includes comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and therapy services with the goal of preparing children with autism or other developmental delays to access mainstream general education curricula by kindergarten. Enrolling in a comprehensive program early on can make a big difference in a child’s developmental trajectory.

The compassionate, caring professionals at Cortica understand that every child has a unique path to reach their highest potential and that a diagnosis of autism, sensory processing disorder, speech and language delay or any other developmental condition does not define a child’s potential. To learn more about Cortica and how we seek to set a new global standard of care, call 858-304-6440 or make an appointment online at

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