Colo Springs ABA

UPDATED: September 22, 2020

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for individuals ages 18+
We pride ourselves in creating, implementing, and developing socially significant goals and objectives for adults with developmental disabilities
- Our Mission -
Colo Springs ABA encompasses and tailors the services around the client, family and caregivers. We utilize only the most clinically appropriate assessment tools for skill acquisition and behaviors for reduction. Every goal is individualized and derived from data.
- Services We Provide -
Individualized Programming
 Goals targeted encompass the client, family, caregiver, and others ’input and feedback
Behavior Consultation
 Development of behavior plan
 Monitor progress collaboratively with team members
 Data analysis Direct observation of program implementation
Ongoing Assessment Programming
 Functional Behavior Assessment (assessment for onset of ABA services)
 Behavior Intervention Plan (Management Guidelines)
 Behavior Plan Update (assessment for continuation of ABA services)
Behavior Counseling
 Direct training and feedback to the individual receiving services in acquisition of replacement behaviors identified in their behavior support plan
 Review and train caregivers on behavior plan and data collection
 Competency-based trainings
Direct 1:1 Services
A Board Certified Behavior Analyst conducts the initial assessment, develops a function-based treatment plan, trains the caregiver, and implements the plan during therapy sessions
- Home and Residential -
The staff comes to the individual’s residence for the session. A critical aspect of ABA is generalization, where the individual demonstrates the same behavior across all environments.
These home-based services incorporate all the goals and objectives outlined in the assessment.
You can participate in, observe, or perform your own tasks during the home session.
- Community Movements -
Community based services occur outside the home -this may occur at the library, park, orelsewhere.
Skills targeted in the assessment are performed which may be the same or different as the home or day program service.
- Day Program -
We offer facilitative assistance so the individual may develop and expand their functional life skills while attending their specific day program.
We work in conjunction with the day program ensuring consistency and continuity across the individual’s day.
- Telehealth / Telemedicine -
We will conduct the session with you via video to reduce exposure and travel time/expenses.
Connect from your home, office or another location like a library (using a mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer or laptop).

  • Languages:
  • English
  • Insurances Accepted:
  • No Cost
  • Medicaid
  • Private Insurance


Colo Springs ABA
Colorado Springs, CO 80923
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