Cape Cod Village Center for Developmental Disabilities


Cape Cod Village Center for Developmental Disabilities

UPDATED: February 6, 2023

Cape Cod Village (CCV) is an affordable housing community serving the residential needs of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Operating under the umbrella of CCV is Cape Cod Village Center for Developmental Disabilities (CDD), the programming arm of the facility. Its mission is to serve the social, recreational, and educational needs of adolescents, teens, and adults, with IDD. Centered on our 4 acre campus is CDD’s Community Resource Center where programs are offered. The Community Resource Center abuts a 22 mile bike path leading to the center of town. The center’s location affords participants easy access to the hub of community activity. It also connects participants with peers from neighboring towns and schools. Our approach borrows from the theory of social learning which finds skills are acquired and retained through observation, imitation, and social reinforcement. Our community-based program supports naturalized learning through socialization, practice, and incidental teaching. We enhance quality of life by developing areas of wellness with the greatest impact on physical and mental well-being. We provide weekly opportunities for physical activity, crafting, peer to peer engagement, recreation, and entertainment. Participants join from local public schools, from the homes of people without day-programs, and through collaborations with partnering service providers.

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19 child’s Homestead Rd.
Orleans , MA 02653
United States



(774) 316-4640



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