Meet Noah M.

Noah, 4

“Anytime I want to burn calories, I just hang out with Noah,” says dad, Phil, a firefighter. “Physically, he’s in great shape. Keeps me on my toes.”


Five-year-old Noah received his autism diagnosis three years ago. Phil and his wife, Victoria, brought Noah to their pediatrician when he was two, concerned about his lack of eye contact and delays in language. The pediatrician recommended an evaluation after which Noah received his autism diagnosis.

After the diagnosis, “my wife took the bull by the horns,” says Phil, researching and scheduling Noah’s occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and applied behavioral analysis sessions.

Three years later, Noah points to what he wants and is working on asking for his favorite things, like M & Ms. Both parents say he’s made great strides in social skills. He no longer runs away in social situations and while he doesn’t interact, he now stays and observes other children.

Within the past year he’s overcome his sensory issues at the beach and now enjoys playing in the surf—a huge accomplishment. And, he recently got approval for a tablet for communicating which will help when he starts Kindergarten. Noah is a free-spirit and very loving says his mom.

“He likes to cuddle and we hug all the time,” she says. “He’s a regular boy,” adds Phil, “who just has different kinds of likes than other children.”

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