Drawing Autism: Inside the Minds of Artists on the Spectrum

September 5, 2018
Steven Sandor SELPAL, Inside-Outside Vortex from “Dream Series” (Dream Date: Dec. 23, 1987) - Art, Painting
Steven Sandor SELPAL, Inside-Outside Vortex from “Dream Series” (Dream Date: Dec. 23, 1987)

“Drawing Autism,” by behavior analyst Jill Mullin was original published in 2009 but this year she has released an expanded edition. The photo book is composed of drawings from kids and adults on the autism spectrum from around the world. 

The drawings in the book give an incredible glimpse into the minds of artists with various combinations of talents and challenges. The stunning collection is at times dark and mesmerizing and other times vibrant and magical. 

David Barth, Apes - Art, Painting
David Barth, Apes

Iconic self-advocate Temple Grandin wrote the foreward and shares how art has helped her throughout her life.

“When I was a child, my mother nurtured my artistic ability. I was always encouraged to draw many different subjects. As an adult, I used my artistic talent for my business of designing livestock handling facilities. One of the lessons my mother taught me that really helped to develop my skills was to create pictures that other people would want. In elementary school, I drew many pictures of horses. Individuals on the autism spectrum often become fixated on their favorite things. As a child I would keep drawing the same things over and over. The great motivation of these fixations has been channeled into the creation of all the beautiful art featured in this book.”

Check out more photos from the book below. Purchase the book on Amazon here.

Marilyn Cosho, All About Money
Marilyn Cosho, All About Money