Autism Speaks and Royal Arch Masons expand funding for auditory-processing research

Highly qualified researchers invited to apply for funding of a pilot study and a fellowship dedicated to understanding and treating auditory processing disorders

November 15, 2018
Autism Speaks and Royal Arch Masons sponsor research on Auditory Processing Disorder

Autism Speaks, with the support of the Royal Arch Masons, announces two new funding opportunities for research dedicated to understanding, identifying and helping children with central auditory processing disorders.

Many people with autism have auditory processing challenges. They often include difficulty using, understanding and filtering speech and other sounds.

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With this new round of funding, Autism Speaks invites highly qualified researchers to apply for up to $60,000 for a pilot study and up to $40,000 for a predoctoral fellowship.

These opportunities represent Autism Speaks’ third research fellowship and second pilot study focused on central auditory processing disorder – all made possible by a generous grant from the Royal Arch Research Assistance program.

“Our longstanding partnership with the Royal Arch Masons has enabled us to rapidly expand a new research field that addresses a significant, lifelong challenge for the many people on the autism spectrum who have auditory processing challenges,” says Autism Speaks Chief Science Officer Tom Frazier. “It exemplifies our commitment to improve lives by advancing treatment of autism’s many associated physical and neurological conditions.”

Adds Jim Hodge, president of the Royal Arch Research Assistance board of directors: "The General Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons and our members are proud to be partnering in a major effort to make a real difference for the benefit of all mankind in dealing with central auditory processing disorder."

Interested researchers can find more information and instructions for applying in the RAM-CAPD Request for Applications.

Note to researchers: Letters of intent must be received by Nov. 12, 2018. Autism Speaks will base final funding decisions on scientific merit and fidelity to the goals described in the request for applications.)