Logan Slaughter

Embracing autism with love of self and community

Logan Slaughter's Autism Speaks Champion of Change headshot

Born and raised in Harrison, Arkansas, Logan’s life took a significant turn when he was diagnosed with autism at the age of 10. However, what might have seemed like an insurmountable obstacle to some became a pathway to remarkable personal growth and the embodiment of a timeless mantra that with love and acceptance, you can change the world.

Upon receiving the diagnosis, Logan's mother was nervous, but reassured by a doctor who reminded her this was the beginning of a new journey with her son. Little did they know, those words would echo through Logan's life, shaping his perspective and fueling an overwhelming sense of determination in all that he pursued.

From the moment of his diagnosis, Logan embraced a deep belief in the power of acceptance. Despite his challenges, including feeling overlooked and at times overstimulated by life, Logan approached each day with a positive attitude.

Logan believes that acceptance is the true “cure,” to any differences, and that acceptance is the key to unlocking a world of understanding, love and support. He describes his autism not as a limitation but as a beautiful gift. Today, he is pursuing multiple projects including authoring a children’s book about the importance of such values.

As an Autism Speaks Champion of Change, Logan's philosophy is simple yet meaningful – to be fearless in the face of challenges, to embrace one's uniqueness, and to live each day with purpose and intention. When asked, he shares that his goal in life is “to make others happy.” He believes that by sharing his story, he can change perceptions of autism, foster acceptance and illuminate the path for others with similar life experiences.