Live and promote principles of diversity, equity, access and inclusion

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We believe that all people with autism should lead fulfilling lives.  By eliminating inequities and improving access to quality care to autistic people, we are positively impacting their lives and those of their families. 

Here are a few of our FY23 accomplishments: 

  • Introduced Hablemos Autismo, a new podcast for the Hispanic community around autism. This broadcast, hosted by a member of our Autism Response Team, helps raise awareness and address topics impacting the Spanish-speaking autism community. The podcast features the voices and views of parents, autistic advocates, professionals and much more.   
  • Funded the education of 10,000 caregivers and health professionals across 55 countries on autism best practices in managing, maintaining and coordinating care for a family member with autism. Provided by our Autism Care Network ECHO autism program, the training enables improved access to care in underserved communities and covers ADHD, anxiety and irritability, family support and more. 
  • Engaged Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS) as the first state agency in the country to receive the Autism Speaks Autism Friendly Designation. Over 85 percent of employees in 13 area vocational rehabilitation offices across the state completed special training and certification to better serve and meet the needs of people with autism. 
  • Increased Autism Speaks staff-led support groups around autism, race and gender-identity, providing Autism Speaks employees with a voice and visibility and creating a sense of community to enhance our own culture of inclusion and equity.