Leverage assets through advocacy, partnerships and collaboration to foster change

Through advocacy, partnership and collaboration we forge policies, foster innovation and transform lives.  We leverage our assets and join forces with the autism community to convene with others and advocate for change. 

Here are a few of our FY23 accomplishments: 

  • Successfully lobbied for the historic expansion of the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network from 11 to 16 sites. The increased data and knowledge will inform and assist us in identifying gaps in diagnosis, improving screening tools and developing programs to reach underserved communities. 
  • Advocated for the successful passage of more than $400 million in federal funding for autism research. Yearly funding supports many diverse areas to meet the needs of the autism community, including life span needs, health equity, aging, mental health, transition and more. 
  • Contributed to the passage of new state legislation and regulatory policy for improved public and private health insurance coverage of medically necessary care.  These state wins will impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of autistic people through better access to mental health treatment and therapeutic services, as well as improve provider network adequacy. 
  • Awarded local grants to 71 organizations from 28 states impacting the lives of an estimated 105,000 people in the autism community. Grants are selected by an advisory group of self-advocates, staff and autism professionals and include education and training, recreation, young adult and adult services, technology community and summer camp scholarships. 
  • Hosted national advocacy webinars, educating more than 1,100 people on important federal and state policy changes and government resources in their areas, to understand and protect their rights pertaining to autistic children, teens and adults.