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Now entering their third year as a valued Autism Speaks partner, Game Stop has demonstrated an incredible level of employee engagement -  at store level, among their unique, regional “Giving Power Ambassadors” – and right through to the home office staff and management in Grapevine, TX. In 2018, they will continue this innovative, highly engaged approach and introduce a new “Trading for Charity” program, allowing customers to further show their support for Autism Speaks by donating their used smartphones, consoles and games (trade-in $ value) to Autism Speaks.

Also new for GameStop’s 2018 campaign, a portion of funds raised will provide block grants to organizations providing computer programming/coding education and skills training programs for the autism community. NXT GEN Coder scholarship funds will be awarded to organizations upon successful application to Autism Speaks, and the organization would then be empowered to distribute funds to individuals with autism in financial need.

This will provide much needed skills training and employment opportunities for the autism community.

Thank you GameStop!  

Total Contributions to Autism Speaks:  $3.4 Million

Partner Since: 2016

2018 Campaign:  In-store, online donations and trade-in
Campaign Duration:  Month of May
2018 Campaign Contribution: $1.02 Million

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