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Safety in the Home

Whether you live with parents, roommates, caregivers or by yourself, you need to know how to be safe inside your home. Accidental injury is a problem for everyone.

In January 2010, the Autism Speaks Family Services Community Grants program funded Safe Signals, a project from the Ohio State University Medical Center. Safe Signals is designed to promote fire and burn safety for older teens and young adults. The materials were written for young adults and parents to talk about safety. They were created by health professionals and educators who had the chance to work with and learn from young adults on the autism spectrum.

The first section of the Safe Signals: Fire and Burn Safety in the Home workbook gives suggestions for supporting safety. The second section gives young adults visual cues of safety room by room. The final section has fire prevention information. The Safe Signals video and workbook cover fire and burn safety in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living areas and utility spaces. The vinyl clings reinforce these safety messages. They are the quick “signals” we hope will be a constant reminder of safety. Place the vinyl clings where you can see them.

Safe Signals Workbook


Section 1: Supporting Safety in the Home

Section 2: Safe Signal in the Home

Section 3: Fire Safety in the Home

Click here to read the full guide.

Safe Signals Video

Safe Signals has created a 20 minute video of safety tips in the home so individuals with autism can see the pointers for safety in each room of the home in action.

Click here to watch the video.

Safe Signals Clings

Safe Signals has also created vinyl clings to place around your home to use as safety reminders in each room.

English Clings

Spanish Clings

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