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Autism Safety Project

New! Autism Speaks Announces Swimming and Water Safety Scholarship Fund! Learn more here.

Safety is a critical part of all of our lives, whether we are at home or out in the community, alone or with loved ones. Being aware of our surroundings and taking precautions to stay safe is even more important for individuals with autism and their families.

The Autism Safety Project is designed to provide families affected by autism with tips, information, expert advice and resources so that everyone in our community can stay out of harm's way.

New! In light of the recent Wandering study, we reached out to our community and asked for tips and tools used to prevent wandering. We got some great feedback and wanted to share it with everyone! Click here to read some Wandering Tips.

The safety portal is broken down into sections to provide comprehensive and effective information regarding safety in all areas of our lives:

Safety in the Community
Safety in the Home
Recognizing and Preventing Abuse
Recognizing and Preventing Sexual Abuse
Information for First Responders
Safety Resources

Click here for special information on helping children with autism respond to disaster and tragedy.

We would like to thank the following supporters for their generous contributions to this project: