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Calls to Action

Marbelous chooses Autism Speaks!

Pictured with Autism Speaks President and Autism Speaks board member and honoree of this year's Autism Speaks and New York Collaborates for Autism Winter ball honoree, Billy Mann are Lutece Kramer-Guillemot and Tess Olmi who are the creative directors and creators of a company only 6 months old called Marbelous.

These two 9 year old girls, born on the same day are designing beautiful marble necklaces with their Moms and are selling their beauties across the country in over ten stores.

Everyone from Amy Poehler ( who they just partnered with to make a special edition Smart Girls Marble), Alan Cumming, Billy Porter, Chris Colfer...are sporting Marbelous wares.

The most exciting thing is, these girls and their Moms have chosen Autism Speaks as their cause.  10% of all the company's profits go to Autism Speaks and 15% of Amy Poehler's Smart Girls Marble!  

These little ladies are trying to change the world with their smarts, beauty, creativity and generosity but most importantly, they believe in giving back!

Visit their Facebook page below and learn how you can team up with Marbelous.