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First Concern to Action Tool Kit

If you have a concern about how your child is communicating, interacting or behaving, you are probably wondering what to do next. The First Concern to Action Tool Kit can help you sort that out. The purpose of this tool kit is to provide you with specific resources and tools to help guide you on the journey from your first concern to action. .

The kit was developed to provide families of children under the age of five with:

  • An overview of early child development;
  • Guidance on what to do if you have a concern about your child's development;
  • Information about obtaining an evaluation for your child's development and treatment options, if needed.

Download the First Concern to Action Tool Kit here!

The kit is divided into the following sections:

Introduction and About Autism
Understanding Your Child's Development
Talking to Your Health Care Provider
Getting a Formal Evaluation
What if My Health Care Provider Says "Autism"?
Other Things to Know
Tools and Resources for Families


Keep in mind that not all concerns result in a diagnosis of autism or a specific developmental disability, but being proactive can make a world of difference.

It is important to remember that you know your child best. If you are concerned at any time, voice it!

This tool kit is part of the Autism Speaks Early Access to Care initiative.

Learn more here!

Autism Speaks would like to thank the family and estate of Charles Meixner for their generous contribution to make the First Concern to Action Tool Kit possible.