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Dollar General is the nation's largest discount retailer with 14,000 stores across 44 states, and a leading Autism Speaks corporate partner; bringing hope to families with autism since 2010. With unbelievable focus and passion, Dollar General employees and customers raised over $11 million for Autism Speaks.

Each year, during April, World Autism Month, Dollar General employees offer customers the opportunity to make a donation to Autism Speaks during check-out. The in-store campaign is a model of success in raising awareness and funds for individuals and families affected by autism! In recent years, Dollar General has also allowed their stores to host free clinical screenings for young children to empower families through information and access to care. Hats off to Dollar General’s employees and customers – you are an inspiration to us all!

Total Contributions to Autism Speaks: Over $11 million
Provider Since: 2010

2018 Contribution: Over $1.2 million

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