A salute to mothers of children with autism

By David Petrovic

This guest blog post is by teacher, author, and motivational speaker David Petrovic.

David Petrovic


With Mother’s Day being around the corner, I wanted to take this time to emphasize how truly valuable mothers are, especially those with special needs children. 

Through my relationship with my own mother (turned “friendship” in my adult years), there have been many seasons of ups and downs and many words of celebration and comfort. But the one common bond throughout it all is the seed that a mother plants from the moment her child is born: the seed of love. 

From that seed blooms a sixth sense of knowing when your children are “not themselves”. There also comes the drive and determination that the mother did not know she possessed to make sure that her child is able to shatter the glass ceiling of assumptions that was placed over his or her head by others at a young age. Finally, no matter what her child does, or doesn’t do, in his or her life, the mother will always be the guiding force and the peaceful whisper that assures the child of their worth and value; in other words, the children have the potential to achieve their own levels of unexpected greatness!

Motherhood is not “a job”; it is a calling… a truly special vocation that resembles an iron man triathlon: you get tired, feel like you’re drowning in life’s deepest ocean, and you may feel like giving up and settling.  But then you get a glimpse of the ultimate prize worth fighting for (your child); you regain your drive, and you come out on top, a medalist!! You don’t merely finish, you dominate the obstacles and recognize your own endurance.

So, to all mothers out there, from a young man on the autism spectrum who is who he is because of his own mother, we thank you and we honor you today.

Happy Mother’s Day from your loving and appreciative children!

David Petrovic is a teacher, author, and motivational speaker. He and his mom co-wrote: “Expect a Miracle: A Mother/Son Asperger Journey of Determination & Triumph.” For more information, check out their website.  

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