Happy Father’s Day from Armani Williams

Armani Williams and his dad discuss their unbreakable bond

NASCAR driver Armani Williams has always been a natural on the racetrack, but navigating life as an autistic adult hasn’t always come as easy. Discover the unbreakable bond between Armani and his dad, Del, and the invaluable lessons they’ve taught each other. 

NASCAR driver Armani Williams and his dad, Del, dancing

Being with my dad through the ups and downs of autism and in racing has been an incredible journey, filled with unforgettable memories. I will always be grateful for his guidance. 

Q&A with Armani Williams about his dad, Del

How important has it been to have your dad’s support throughout your life? 

NASCAR driver Armani Williams and his dad, Del, on the beach

Having someone in my life who always believes in me and is willing to help whenever I need it has meant everything to me. Going through the ups and downs of autism and racing with my dad has been an incredible journey, filled with countless shared memories. He’s always there to give me a pat on the back when I do something good and to steer me in the right direction when I need it. His guidance is something I will always be grateful for. 

What life lessons from your dad have stuck with you over the years? 

My dad always reminds me to stay positive in the moment and avoid negative thoughts no matter what I’m going through. He’s instilled in me the importance of being confident in everything I do in life. I understand life is always going to challenge me, especially with my autism, but I will always stay positive and confident in my abilities. His words have really resonated with me, and I will always live by them. 

What is your thank you message to your dad this Father’s Day?

Dad, for all these years we have spent so much time together and we have been able to create a lot of great memories that I will cherish the rest of my life. To me, you are more than just my father, you are like another brother and a best friend. I’ll always appreciate just how supportive you’ve been for me in whatever path I take. So, I thank you for always being there for me. Love you, dad.

Q&A with Del Williams about his son, Armani

NASCAR driver Armani Williams as a child hugging his dad, Del, on the couch

What makes you most proud to be Armani’s dad?

NASCAR driver Armani Williams and his dad, Del, outside wearing sunglasses

Armani has been a rockstar of a kid to raise and now as a young man he is the most courageous person I know. He has always maintained a positive attitude no matter what challenges life has thrown at him. But what makes me most proud is Armani the person.  Watching him positively impact so many people has been amazing. He has a championship-winning heart and personality that inspires everyone he meets. Overall, Armani has made me a better person.   

What advice do you have for other autism dads? 

I believe the most important thing for dads is to support whatever their child is passionate about.  As fathers, we have to be consistent, making our children’s lives a priority bigger than our own. It’s crucial to create an environment where your child believes in you and knows that you will always be there for them. Autistic children—all children, for that matter—need to know that there is someone they can count on and rely upon.  

Is Father’s Day a bit more special this year, considering Armani’s growth this year? 

Every Father’s Day since Armani was born has brought me to tears and thanking the good Lord for blessing me with such an amazing son. Watching Armani grow and develop personally and as an athlete makes me incredibly happy because I know that is what he wants for himself. Seeing him put in the hard work, stay out of trouble and be committed to his dreams is not something you see every day. I’m incredibly proud of him!

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