DCU for Kids and Autism Speaks: coming together to make a difference

DCU for Kids

“Sometimes people don’t realize that there are so many ways you can be philanthropic and give back. You can give money. You can donate your time. You can even simply take the time to spread kindness and brighten someone’s day. When you realize that you can directly impact the lives of others in many ways, that’s when real change occurs.”

– Maureen Spaulding, DCU for Kids

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As the most impactful voluntary health association dedicated to autism, Autism Speaks relies nearly entirely on charitable individuals and organizations and grants from foundations and companies to fuel our mission of creating solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the life span, for the needs of people with autism and their families. With this support, we strive every day to create a world where all people with autism can reach their full potential.  

One foundation that has consistently been there for Autism Speaks and the community which we serve is Massachusetts-based DCU for Kids founded by Digital Federal Credit Union. By funding support services, enrichment, development activities, mentoring, education programs, medical research, and by providing scholarships, DCU for Kids is making a positive and lasting impact on thousands of children, including those in the autism community.

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“Autism can affect anyone, so we just want to make sure that we're supporting programs and resources that are truly improving the lives of children and families in need. We are proud to be part of the life-changing work Autism Speaks is doing,” said Maureen Spaulding, Foundation Manager at Digital Federal Credit Union, who also plays a leading role working with grantees of DCU for Kids.

Since 2008, DCU for Kids has been a valued supporter of Autism Speaks, fueling our efforts to increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism in communities around the globe, advancing life enhancing research breakthroughs that will lead to more personalized treatments and advocating for life-enhancing services and supports.

“It's really wonderful to be able to see the strides the organization is making in these crucial areas, especially in the research field. We know when we award their organization with a grant that the funds will directly impact autism research and help find better solutions for autism care in the future,” said Maureen. “Their ask is consistently specific and well aligned with their goals, showing how the funding requested will make a clear difference in the lives of the children and families effected by Autism.”

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With the backing of charitable foundations like DCU for Kids and other generous donors and volunteers, Autism Speaks will continue to be a beacon of hope for the vast and diverse community of people with autism and those who love and support them - constantly deepening our understanding of autism through research and science. To learn more about the science behind Autism Speaks, gain access to valuable toolkits and resources and meet the researchers behind the many life-enhancing research breakthroughs being made every day, visit autismspeaks.org. You can also read personal stories from members of our community, receive personalized support from our Autism Response Team and much more!

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If you want to help fuel our mission, visit the  “Ways to Give” page on our website to learn about all the ways you can provide valuable support to our mission and strategic priorities while maximizing your personal financial and philanthropic goals.

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