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Tim(mer) Stock - Simple Timer to Keep Track of Time

Designed for children with autism, but is used by all age groups, to keep track of time, or to tell the user when a certain amount of time has passed. It is a universal timer with four pre-defined buttons with different times and colors.
Default settings are 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes but this is configurable via the settings menu to suit everyone. The app is "impossible" to turn off in order not to be tampered with but can be reset in menu. The app can run in the background but when the alarm goes off it takes focus. The alarm sound is optional for those who dislike noise.
The "back" button is disabled in order to prevent the app from sleeping. Press "home" key to put it in the background.
This is a digital version of the already existing physical device and I have the permission of the original creator to release this as an app. This app is 100% free and there are no ads or other traps. It is currently available in English, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

Functional Skills
All Ages
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