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Simple Sort: Counting

Ms. Clever Cloud is back! This time, she needs help counting, sorting, adding, ordering, and comparing numbers! Can you use your math skills and help her?

KidsAndBeyond’s first offshoot of the much acclaimed SimpleSort, SimpleSort: Counting brings back our recognizable cloud helper and familiar objects and sorting buckets from the original, but goes one step further. Children aged 2-5 learn important early math skills in a fun, colorful, creative and engaging way!

SimpleSort: Counting includes
· A helper cloud and narrator to guide the child through the app
· A text-based help screen for parents to read
· Choice of numbered buckets from 1-10 with an option to play the game with 3,4,5, or 6 buckets
· 3 different game options, including “Count, Sort, and Place in Order,” “Count and Add” and “Count and Compare”
· Option to play all three games consecutively or one at a time
· Voiceover narration that names each number as child touches corresponding objects

Math Skills