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Is That Silly?

The purpose for Is That Silly? is to encourage language growth. Children with ADHD, Autism, language disorders, and various learning disorders often struggle to attend to details. Is That Silly? allows the parent, SLP, or teacher to teach the expressive and pragmatic language skills many of these children are lacking. When the adult continues asking questions about the picture, the student is encouraged to expand language skills. Because the app is fun and creative, the students will be motivated to see what happens on the next picture.

Is That Silly? is a fun way to teach children of various ages to pay attention to detail and expand their language skills. Designed with over 120 pictures created specifically to attract children’s attention, Is That Silly? helps develop both receptive and expressive language as well as encouraging visual and auditory attention. The high-quality images in Is that Silly? come in pairs, one silly and one not silly, and are presented randomly. Each non-silly picture represents an everyday or true-life situation. The matching picture will vary by a silly change in wording.

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