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SENspeller is a unique and innovative resource targeted at the parents and teachers of children with special educational needs.

Its principal focus is to assist children to recognise words and spell them correctly, in an environment that can be customised to suit each child’s individual requirements.

SENspeller has 3 distinct stages of spelling development, and as a parent or teacher you can monitor each child’s progress through the stages. This helps to ensure that your child is learning to spell rather than simply picture and word matching.

SENspeller has the capacity to work with 10 children progressing through different topics and stages, giving each child a unique learning experience.

SENspeller has the capability to store 200 words at any one time. By giving you the ability to edit topics and words, more complex words can be added and learned as a child progresses through their educational stages.

SENspeller gives you the ability to upload your own photos and record your own word sounds. Ensuring a personal link is always made between the photo shown and the word to be learned.

Functional Skills
Children (6-12)