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Pricing Clarification:

$2.99-4.99/Month, Depending on Subscription

$14.99 / 3 Months



Sensory home program (sometimes referred to as sensory diet) is a family-centered approach for providing sensory processing therapy tailored for the needs of a specific child within his own home & family routine.


SensoryTreat app is specifically designed to help parents and OTs manage sensory home programs. The SensoryTreat app was developed by parents of 2 kids with SPD based on their own experiences and in conjunction with advice from leading OTs. The app features:


1. Over 100 easy-to-follow activity illustrations, grouped and color-coded by sensory systems. The illustrated activities are specially designed for families’ fun time together.


2. Simple tools for building and adapting daily sensory schedule that blends easily into a busy family routine. 


3. Activity reminders help parents manage therapy regimen, by helping parents remember when it’s time for an activity, even when the child is with another caregiver.


4. The app offers alternative activities in each category so parents can flip through the illustrations until they find something that fits their surrounding environment  and mood.


5. Parents can add tailored photos and videos of activities demonstrated by their OT and add them to the home program seamlessly.


6. Simple tools that record child’s response to activities help monitor adherence and identify any need for adaptations. Parents can then easily send updates to their OT making the most of parent consultations.


7. Parents can track specific therapy goals such as sleeping, eating or customizable task-specific goals.


8. OTs can receive email reports, making the entire therapy process more effective, and saving the OT the valuable time of preparing home programs.

Preschool (2-5)
Children (6-12)