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Little Star Hairdresser Story

The Little Star Hairdresser Story App is an editable social story to create for your child using your own photos. Each story has the text preloaded to give you a guide of what to write in the story to help your child learn what to expect at the hairdresser. You can change the text as you need and record your voice on each page so it can be read to your child. The App also comes with a comprehensive tip sheet to give you lots of helpful information on what to do before you visit the hairdresser, during the hairdresser visit and also how to keep up with progress.

Getting a haircut and going to the hairdresser can inspire panic in the hearts of many children. This can be especially true for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who may have difficulty coping with new situations and people as well as the sensory overload that comes with getting a haircut. This leads many parents to resort to haircuts on the run, half done, in the bath, or even when asleep just to get the job done!

Behavioral Intervention
Preschool (2-5)
Children (6-12)
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