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JabberTalk Word Board

JabberTalk is a multilingual text to speech AAC app. Talking is easy with the use of a self managed word board. Jabbertalk comes pre loaded with frequently used english words but can be quickly customized with personal phrases. JabberTalk Speaks many languages and in different tones.

The combination of self pruning and easy additions will create a highly portable customized word board over time.

Here are the instructions. They can also be viewed within the app.

1. Ringer switch on.

2. Volume up.

3. Tap Green arrow to speak. Hold to share message via text, email Facebook or other share options.

4. To speak in another language or with another tone hold on an icon category instead of tapping the green arrow.

5. Jabbertalk consists of a keyboard as well as an easily customizable word board. The word board comes pre programmed with some of the most frequently used english words.

6. One of Jabbertalk’s unique strengths is that new words or phrases are saved quickly and easily. Simply type the word or phrase you would like to save. Then navigate to the menu where you would like to save it. Hold down for one second either on a blank space or on the word or phrase you would like to replace. You now have a new customized button.

7. Initially you will want to program in words or phrases that you feel will be useful. You may choose to start with more meaningful names.

8. Another unique aspect of Jabbertalk is that it automatically prunes your word board. This means if words are not used over the course of a month or two they will be removed. If you see a word or phrase highlighted in yellow it has not been used in a long time. You should consitter replacing it with a more useful word.

9. The stop sighn category does not employ the pruning feature. You can use this category for important words or phrases that may not be used on a monthly basis. Once you are comfortable with the app feel free to overwrite these instructions.

10. The combination of removing unused words or phrases and easily adding new ones is intended to create over time a highly personalized communication system. While the word board can speed up conversation there is no substitute for a keyboard for expressing precisely what you mean. I highly encourage using word predict to speed up typing.

11. Jabbertalk is young. I would love suggestions and be happy to work with you to incorporate them if they are compatible with my vision for the app. You can contact me, Peter, by email. or leave comments on the website If you like the app or have a unique story to tell please consider leaving a review on the app store.

12. I really hope this will help individuals get their needs and wants met, however the goal of Jabbertalk is to share in the joy of conversation. I hope Jabbertalk broadens your communication and fosters interpersonal growth. Happy Jabbering!

13. I almost forgot to mention. The brown arrow will delete your message. Also if you navigate to a menu and do not want to select a word or phrase simply tap the picture in the top left to return to the home screen.

Adolescents (13-17)
Adults (18+)