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Goofy Monsters

A puzzle Sokoban game where the player must use his finger to push monsters to the right directions, use scenery elements in his favor and use reasoning to be able to fit little creatures in their proper places and complete the levels. It's designed for families so it would be a perfect way to connect parents with their children.


Your goal is to find all the little monsters that are lost around the world, there are several of them to be collected. There’s a pirate, mummy, ninja, unicorn and many others. There’re 100 levels in a world full of surprises. Travel across plains, glaciers, pyramids, cemeteries and even the moon.


Gameplay is like this:


Swipe your finger on the monsters to move them. When performing this movement, they will slip until bumping into an obstacle such as boxes or other monsters. Your goal is to fit them in specific places marked on the scene with a symbol. This is the only way to complete a level. Each level has its own puzzle and the player must think very carefully before solving it.


·          Epic puzzle game to sharpen your mind

·          100 challenging levels

·          Friendly monsters to collect and play with

·          Exciting themes with different mechanics

·          Beautiful and adorable graphics

Apple Link:

Android Link Below

All Ages