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The Friendi App - Autism's Best Friend

Breaking the ice when in comes to friendship creation for children with Autism can be very challenging due to their social impediments. The benefit of regular and mutual social interaction is invaluable for this population as they get older and social development begins to have a large impact on their quality of life.  Friendi to the rescue!

Friendi provides parents of children with Autism a safe and secure support network in which they can find real local friends for their children based on their child's interests, such as video games, parks, trampolines and/or hundreds of other preloaded interest options. A built-in parent support forum empowers parents to connect and share their wisdom and experience with less informed parents who have recently diagnosed children on the spectrum. Also included within the Friendi app is an events calendar in which parents can stay up-to-date with Autism events taking place near them, confirm attendance, and even create their own events in just a few minutes. A built-in messenger lets parents connect with each other confidently and securely before planning a get-together. Let your next connections begin with Friendi. 

Social Skills
Preschool (2-5)
Children (6-12)