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The app for children with autism, based on well-known Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, to supports social skills, and increases significant skills in language, attention, and comprehension. Kids learn to recognize emotions, colors, shapes, numbers, animals, and much more.



• 7,000 tasks in 36 diverse games for children aged 3-6 that support Early Intervention for ASD Children


• Areas covered: Colors; Shapes; Vegetables; Fruits; Digits; Emotions; Occupations; Parts of the Body; Animals; City; Home; People; Nature; Activities; Matching Pictures; Hot and Cold; Soft and Hard; Dry and Wet; Light and Heavy; Fast and Slow; and Objects and Attributes


• Easy prompting and a fun; colorful interface created specifically for ASD children that lets them advance quickly and complements their current ABA therapy


• A system of rewards in which the children can exchange tokens for engaging games to encourage participation and enjoyment


• Parents; teachers; and therapists can check reports; which are generated automatically after each session; to assess each child’s skills and development


• Free updates and extra printables


• No ads inside the app




Social Skills
Behavioral Intervention
Functional Skills
Preschool (2-5)
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