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Communicating Basic Needs

Special Learning's Communicating Basic Needs App FULL VERSION for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad  is a highly effective app that is designed to allow children with Autism and other language disabilities quickly and effectively communicate their basic wants and needs using a highly attractive, simple to use icon based system. The app is filled with colorful and vivid photographs of everyday items that a child sees around him to facilitate easy communication and to keep a child engaged and motivated to use the device. The FULL VERSION of the app provides extensive customization and reporting functions. Through its web interface, Mobile Dashboard, parents and providers can fully customize the app by uploading their own image and voice files. They can also run reports to track frequency data from the device by synchronizing the app with the mobile dashboard. This app was developed under the guidance of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and organized in a manner found to be successful in practice.

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