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Autism Behavior Toolbox for Families - Challenging behavior

The Toolbox software provides parents with behavioral strategies to manage challenging behaviors often associated with autism spectrum disorder. The app emphasizes building on strengths and respecting individual differences. The age range covered is 3 to 12 years. Some of the behaviors include anxiety, melt downs, self-stimulation, self-abuse, pica, aggression, running, wandering, climbing, sleeping, and safety at home and in the community. Parents can generate a list of strategies and a reading list within seconds. In addition, they can choose strategies that have been customized for other individuals such as grandparents and outside care providers such as respite workers and child sitters. They can choose to attach a note along with their selected strategies with personalized instructions if someone else is going to be looking after their child. For example, they can create a list of strategies for the child’s grandparents to use for an over night stay to handle meltdowns and attach a note about the child’s bedtime and any dietary/sensory concerns. The report can be viewed on screen, saved to a pdf file for future reference, printed out in a book format and sent as an attachment to a text message, emailed, or exported to iBooks. The app is also suitable for professionals working with families with a child with autism spectrum disorder.

Behavioral Intervention
Preschool (2-5)
Children (6-12)