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4Kid Share

4Kid Share is all about turning organization into an interactive learning and sharing experience.  The app is an interactive calendar planner for children.  It allows children to click on a day, choose one of 56 event-specific stickers/icons, and record an audio message.  The parent will receive a reminder notification on the day of the event.  The app introduces early social networking to children as well--the child, along with the parent, can choose to send the message via Facebook, email, or text.

The great appeal of 4Kid Share is two-fold:  the audio recording function and the social sharing feature.  Recording audio memos not only allows children to personalize their schedules, but also promotes self-confidence and awareness. 

The social sharing feature (which includes a parental lock) allows kids to share their own recorded voice messages, pictures, and event-specific stickers with relatives and friends via email, text, or Facebook. Better than a simple calendar, kids can also use the app to share homework ideas or send holiday cards to family and friends.  It's an early introduction to social networking with parental oversight.

Preschool (2-5)
Children (6-12)
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