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A doctor and young patient at the Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders
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Autism-related guidelines for healthcare providers

This article links to open-access journal articles that provide the latest guidance for healthcare professionals on the physical, mental health and
cover of Autism and Health: A special report by Autim Speaks
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Autism and Health: A Special Report by Autism Speaks

In 2017, Autism Speaks issued the first in a series of annual, in-depth reports on special topics in autism Autism and Health: Advances in
Autism Speaks has a new strategic plan for science
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Autism Speaks releases new strategic plan for science

Three-year plan focuses funding on research that can best improve lives today and accelerate the delivery of personalized therapies and other services
Autism Speaks awards more than $4.7 million for autism research
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Autism Speaks awards more than $4.7 million for autism research

NEW YORK - Autism Speaks, the global nonprofit dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the life span, for the needs of
estimated autism prevalence 2018
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Is autism being overdiagnosed?

NEW YORK – Despite claims by a recent research study that autism is being overdiagnosed, experts at Autism Speaks said that conclusion overstates
what causes autism?
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Large family-based study finds 80 percent of autism risk is from inherited genes

A new study looking at autism in 5 countries found that 80 percent of autism risk can be traced to inherited genes rather than environmental factors
Females on the Autism Spectrum & Stress
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Females on the Autism Spectrum & Stress

What is “camouflaging” and why is it causing so much stress and anxiety to females on the autism spectrum? Find out more here.
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In the back to school shuffle, don't forget about self care

Self-care is not selfish, it’s necessary, so please put yourself on your “To Take Care Of” list too, somewhere near the top.
Developing an IEP screenshot
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The IEP as more than just a form, but an opportunity

This is a post by school psychologist Dr. Peter Faustino. "How wonderful if the IEP were known as the ‘Inclusive Educational Program’ as its spirit
Getting your child with autism ready for the school bus

Helping Children with Autism Get Ready for the School Bus

A parent of a child with autism shares tips on getting children ready to ride a school bus, including ways to handle challenges and how to inform bus
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A new way to say ‘I love you’ to our son

Back-to-school season is filled with change and excitement. Whether your child is starting at a new school or returning to the classroom, the first
Map of United States with all states shaded green to indicate all 50 states' coverage of autism. States and year of initial reform listed at bottom.
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Autism Speaks commends Tennessee as it becomes 50th state requiring that insurance plans cover autism

Reforms eliminate restrictions and gaps in coverage of medically necessary autism care
Autism Speaks Asks: Got Questions?
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Finding an autism-friendly OB-GYN

"My daughter is almost 13, so I’m planning to schedule her first well-woman exam before school starts. How can I find OB/GYNs or other health care
unsplash kids play
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Autism Speaks funds ECHO Autism Primary Care to bring better autism screening and care to your doctor’s office

ECHO Autism Primary Care is a virtual learning program where primary care providers get guidance from autism experts on best practices in autism
Sesame Street Julia
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The Ad Council and Autism Speaks partner with Sesame Workshop to encourage early screening for autism in new multimedia public service campaign

NEW YORK (JULY 23, 2019) – Though autism can be reliably diagnosed as early as age 18 months, most children aren’t diagnosed until between 4 and
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