View of committee hearing room, looking at tiered rows of chairs with subcommittee members seated among them
Advocacy News

New priorities added to Autism CARES Act of 2024 as it advances in Congress

We are proud to celebrate this milestone in not only advancing the Autism CARES Act of 2024 but expanding its impact through new elements of the bill.
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Science News

World’s largest autism genome database expands

Autism Speaks’ MSSNG database, the world’s largest autism whole-genome dataset, recently expanded to include an additional 2,489 fully sequenced
Thomas Frazier
Press Release

Thomas Frazier II, Ph.D. Appointed Chairman of Autism Speaks Board of Directors

Autism Speaks is pleased to announce the election of Thomas Frazier II, Ph.D., as the new chairman of the board, effective April 1, 2024.
Ryan Lee wearing a blue shirt and hat, holding up candy

A note to parents of autistic children

If your child is newly diagnosed with ASD, don’t think of it as a burden, rather a different direction. Read a note to parents of autistic kids from
Person in mirror without a reflection

BPD and autism

BPD and autism are distinct mental health conditions but share features which can lead to misdiagnosis. Learn more about misdiagnosis of BPD and
Woman screaming during meltdown

Making sense of autistic meltdowns in adults

Autistic adults are vulnerable to meltdowns due to social, communication and sensory differences. Learn about autistic meltdowns in adults and what
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Press Release

New $2 million research initiative will study heart and brain health in people with autism

The American Heart Association and Autism Speaks are joining forces to fund pioneering research to learn more about how to enhance cardiovascular and
Zachary Chafos, surfing

Cheryl Chafos honors her late son, Zachary, by advocating for autism training among healthcare professionals

Zachary Chafos, a 19-year-old nonverbal autistic young adult with intellectual disabilities who suffered from seizures since age 14 and had some
Autism Speaks announces grant funding for early-career scientists
Science News

Autism Speaks opens grant applications for autistic researchers

As part of our mission to be a catalyst for life-enhancing research breakthroughs, Autism Speaks is proud to announce a new round of our Predoctoral
Andy Shih standing and presenting behind wooden podium
Advocacy News

Takeaways from the April 2024 IACC Meeting

This IACC meeting was an opportunity to recognize Autism Acceptance Month, share upcoming IACC publications and federal agency updates, and discuss
Acetaminophen pills on a countertop
Science News

Research shows no causal link between Tylenol and autism

A new study shows that there is no link between Tylenol and autism and that the previously reported connection is likely due to other underlying
John Frizzell sitting on the floor while surrounded by guitars and other instruments

John Frizzell: Leveraging the talents of autistic individuals to 'boldy go where no one has gone before'

Acclaimed composer John Frizzell recently shared his ASD diagnosis, describing strengths and differences his autism offers that have helped him excel.
Tyler, Autism Speaks Champion of Change

Video: Thriving with autism

From struggles with speech loss to graduating from the University of Missouri, St. Louis - Meet Tyler and read about how he is thriving with autism.
two hands holding a bunch of colorful water beads over a white bowl of more water beads
Advocacy News

Autism Speaks Endorses Bill to Ban the Sale of Water Beads Marketed as Toys

Autism Speaks has joined family advocates and groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics in calling for a ban of the sale of water beads marketed
Nasdaq welcomes Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks rings the NASDAQ stock market closing bell for World Autism Month

Brian Harper, chairman of the Autism Speaks Board of Directors was joined with a group of autistic people, families and caregivers, and Autism Speaks
Autistic NASCAR driver Armani Williams with his head down and eyes closed

Video: Meet the fearless autistic NASCAR driver Armani Williams

Meet Armani Williams, the first NASCAR driver with autism. Armani uses his career as a platform to help improve life outcomes for families affected by