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Self-advocates in conversation: Connections between autism and gender presentation

Two nonbinary self-advocates discuss how their gender presentation was impacted by autism.
Emily Wampler, LISW

Expert Q&A: Gender-affirming care for transgender autistic youth

Gender-affirming care saves lives,” says Emily Wampler, family therapist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital who focuses on serving transgender and
Stethoscope and pen on a medical chart

Self-advocacy tips for LGBTQIA+ autistic adults seeking medical care

The healthcare system is currently not working for LGBTQIA+ autistic adults. Here, Zosia Zaks, M.Ed., C.R.C., an autistic, transgender counselor who
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HEADs UP Act is introduced in the US House of Representatives

New legislation introduced in Congress could help achieve better health outcomes for people with intellectual and developmental disability (I/DD),
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Reasons why eye contact can be hard for those on the spectrum

"For those reading this, you should never force someone into eye contact. Instead, meet them where they are and find a way to communicate best for
A man looks at the camera and holds a sign that says "Autistic people just want a chance to succeed"

Common misconceptions about autistic employees

While the unemployment and underemployment rate for autistic adults in the U.S. hovers around 50-75%, there are some talented autistic employees can
Dr. Vanessa Bal

Expert Q&A: Dr. Vanessa Bal discusses gaps in mental health care for autistic adults

Click here to read a Q&A with Dr. Vanessa Bal. She discusses the biggest gaps in the care available for autistic adults with co-occurring mental
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Speech therapy helped me navigate life with autism

Dr. Anne Grego-Nagel was diagnosed with autism in her 40’s while she was raising her three children. Currently, Anne is a human factors specialist at
Josh holding a copy of the book "Autistics on Autism"

For Josh E., a big move opened the door to happiness and self-discovery

Josh was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at age 13. Click here to see how he has conquered big transitions in his life by focusing on his own

Seeking Therapy: Options and considerations for autistic adults

Therapy is widely accepted and has proven to not only be lifesaving in some situations but worthwhile for almost any autistic adult who is open to it.
Autistic burnout
Tool Kit Excerpt

Autistic Burnout: When Navigating a Neurotypical World Becomes Too Much

Autistic burnout is a common and widely discussed experience among autistic adults, especially those who have learned to mask their autistic traits to
Autism Family Caregivers Act written over photo of boy at table
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Autism Speaks Applauds Reintroduction of Autism Family Caregivers Act

The Autism Family Caregivers Act was reintroduced in Congress to provide access to skills training for caregivers of young children with autism or
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How One Home Depot Store Stands Out

This Q&A features Joseph who works at The Home Depot. Every April, he puts extra effort into displays at the store to spread awareness. We wanted to
Map of United States with markers for where ADDM sites are located
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ADDM Network adds new sites, offering opportunities for new insights on autism

We are proud to celebrate a historic expansion of the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network, from 11 to 16 sites across the
Autism Speaks Autism by the Numbers
Press Release

Autism Speaks Launches Autism by the Numbers to Increase Accessibility of Autism Information across the United States

Click here to read about how Autism Speaks is bringing together data sources to address gaps in nationwide autism data with the launch of Autism by
Autism Speaks Advocacy Leadership Network group picture
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Autism Speaks hosts the 6th biennial Advocacy Leadership Network meeting

Autism Speaks is hosting the meeting of the Advocacy Leadership Network (ALN), a collective of advocates representing families, policymakers and