Alyssa Chapman

Igniting change through compassion and understanding

Alyssa Chapman's Autism Speaks Champion of Change headshot

Alyssa (she/they) went through most of their life knowing they were different, but never really understanding why.

In addition to being a Champion of Change for Autism Speaks and advocating for autistic people all over the world, Alyssa is completing their degree in Regional and Urban Planning and works in spaces dedicated to the celebration and empowerment of all communities. They are happiest doing land-based work, and learning from the Indigenous peoples who originally inhabited these lands.

She is actively involved with Autism Speaks Canada, where she lends her voice to advocate for transparent and inclusive conversations surrounding autism awareness and acceptance. Alyssa’s fearlessness in sharing their personal experiences and challenging societal norms serves as an inspiration to others on similar journeys.

Alyssa’s story exemplifies the power of a strong-minded belief in oneself and a passion to create positive change in everything she does. Their commitment to amplifying marginalized voices and fostering inclusivity underscores their role within the autism community and beyond.