Advocating for policies and programs in support of individuals and families with autism

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Members of our advocacy network play a key role in educating other community members on policy issues and ways to support positive change. This group of volunteers works to effectively communicate with elected officials, raise awareness for autism policy issues on social media, contribute to local events and engage new volunteers.

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Autism Speaks influences policy at the state and federal government levels. To do this, we work with Congress, the White House, state legislators, agencies, and regulators. 

Our advocacy protects the rights, services, and supports of people with autism. 

Autism Speaks Policy Areas 

We work on a range of policy issues that address the needs of people with autism. 

  • Science and Research 
  • Healthcare and Insurance 
  • Housing and Related Supports 
  • Education 
  • Employment 
  • Other Services 
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Build relationships with your legislators, and help us advance policies that affect people with autism and their families.

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