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Washington Times: Hiring the Disabled is 'Crazy'

NCD Responds to 'Incendiary' Editorial
August 31, 2012

WASHINGTON (August 31, 2012) -- The Washington Times in a recent editorial attacked a new U.S. Department of Justice policy encouraging the employment of more Americans with disabilities as an appeal to "those who are teetering on the edge of sanity."

The editorial, 'Holder’s “severe mental deficiency” ', was in response to a Justice Department policy memo issued by Attorney General Eric Holder encouraging the agency to improve its hiring of Americans with targeted disabilities.

The chairman of the National Council on Disabilities, Jonathon Young, responded with a letter to the editor clarifying what the policy actually states.

"Contrary to the apparent attempt by the Washington Times to frighten, separate and inflame, Americans with disabilities are us," Young said. "People with disabilities are America’s returning veterans and our aging seniors, our sons with autism and daughters with Down syndrome. They are our Olympic athletes."

Read the editorial here.
Read the NCD letter to the editor here.