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The Virginia MBC Votes to Recommend House Bill 1588

November 19, 2008

(November 19, 2008 - Richmond, VA)  Today at 1pm the Virginia Mandated Benefits Commission voted 6-4 to recommend House Bill 1588, the autism insurance reform bill to the Commerce and Labor Committee!  
At the hearing, the Commission Chairman, Delegate Tim Hugo, had this to say about the compelling stories told by parents:
“I was deeply stirred by the testimonies of parents across the state and from all walks of life.  One testimony in particular was from a parent who pleaded for help because they no longer wanted their child to be ‘condemned to the darkness of autism.’  As a parent of four I could not deny any child the opportunity of a normal life or any parents the chance of treatment for their kids.”
Here is how the members of the committee voted:

  • Del. Kilgore - not present
  • Sen. McEachin - Yes
  • Del. Merricks - Yes
  • Mr. Keliher - No
  • Del. Athey - Yes
  • Del. Hugo - Yes
  • Sen. Barker - Yes
  • Mrs. Viergever - No
  • Mrs. Allen - No
  • Mrs. Brodersen - No
  • Mrs. Benton - Yes
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