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Utah Adds Another 35 Slots in ABA Lottery Program

June 18, 2013

SALT LAKE CITY (June 18, 2013) -- The state of Utah, which has the highest autism rate in the nation, will add 35 slots to a Medicaid-funded ABA program offered through a lottery, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. The Utah Autism Coalition has estimated over 18,000 children in the state have been diagnosed with autism.

The pilot program was enacted in 2012 after the Legislature abandoned an autism insurance reform bill. Because the pilot program was slow to start, funding became available to provide for the 35 additional slots. In addition, the age of eligibility was raised from 5 to 6.

The 35 slots will be distributed statewide on the basis of population and chosen through a lottery, rather than first-come, first-serve basis.