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Obama Announces $85 Million in Stimulus Funds for Autism Research

September 30, 2009

Washington, DC (September 30, 2009) -- President Barack Obama announced a plan on Wednesday to spend $5 billion on medical and scientific research, medical supplies and upgrading laboratory capacity, as part of an overall $100 billion Recovery Act investment in science and technology. Importantly, Obama's announcement also included a commitment to funding $85 million into autism research. In his speech to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Obama said “And finally, we'll also provide the largest-ever infusion of funding into autism research. Across the country, grant recipients will have the opportunity to study genetic and environmental factors of a disease that now touches more than one in every 150 children. What we learn will hopefully lead to greater understanding, early interventions, more effective treatments and therapies to help these children live their lives and achieve their fullest potential, which is extraordinary.”