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Obama Administration Publishes Autism Agenda on

January 22, 2009

Washington, DC (January 22, 2009) - The newly re-launched White House website prominently features autism as part of the Disabilities agenda, where it is the only disorder specifically cited. The agenda published on the site complements President Barack Obama's presidential campaign statement on autism spectrum disorders (ASD). In that statement, President Obama pledged to seek to increase federal ASD funding for research, treatment, screenings, public awareness, and support services to $1 billion annually by the end of his first term in office. Additionally, President Obama committed to bringing autism insurance reform to the entire nation saying his administration "will mandate insurance coverage of autism treatment and will also continue to work with parents, physicians, providers, researchers, and schools to create opportunities and effective solutions for people with ASD." President Obama has drafted comprehensive autism legislation, including a section addressing broad based federal autism insurance reform, entitled the “Autism Treatment Acceleration Act of 2008.”