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More Major Employers Voluntarily Offering Autism Benefits

November 26, 2013

NEW YORK  (November 26, 2013) -- An increasing number of the nation's top companies are voluntarily offering their employees autism coverage in their health plans. With the addition of JPMorgan Chase, 14 of the Fortune Top 100 firms now provide the coverage, based on information available to Autism Speaks.

Larger companies tend to self-insure their employee health plans and therefore are regulated under federal ERISA law which does not require coverage for autism benefits, such as applied behavior analysis (ABA). Because they are governed under federal law, these plans are exempt from the autism insurance reform laws that have been enacted in 34 states.

Based on their ranking in the Fortune 500, the 14 firms are:

6 Apple Cupertino, CA             76,100
7 General Motors Detroit, MI 213,000
18 JPMorgan Chase New York, NY 258,965
25 Wells Fargo San Francisco, CA 269,200
34 Home Depot Atlanta, GA 340,000
35 Microsoft Redmond, WA 94,000
50 United Technologies Hartford, CT 218,300
54 Intel Santa Clara, CA 105,000
58 Merck Whitehouse Station, NJ 83,000
60 Cisco Systems San Jose, CA 66,639
68 Goldman Sachs Group New York, NY 32,400
70 Abbott Laboratories Abbott Park, IL 92,939
80 Oracle Redwood City, CA 115,000
90 American Express New York, NY 63,500