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Calls to Action

Kentucky State Legislature Holds Joint Hearing on Autism Insurance Reform

August 25, 2009

Frankfort, KY (August 25, 2009) -- Today, the Joint Banking and Insurance Committee held a hearing on autism insurance reform at the Kentucky State Capital.  The hearing was attended by dozens of families dressed in red.  Members of the Committee listened intently and asked probing questions for an hour and a half.  Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo, while not a member of the Committee, also attended and participated in the hearing.

Those who testified in support of autism insurance reform included: Lorri Unumb, Senior Policy Advisor and Counsel for Autism Speaks, Anne Gregory, Janet Pope, FEAT of KY, and Dr. Stacy Trinkle.  Sen. Ray Jones, who introduced the autism insurance reform bill in 2009, also gave an impassioned plea in support of the legislation.

Following the hearing, Lorri Unumb and Bart Baldwin, a lobbyist for the Children’s Alliance who has volunteered his time for this effort, conducted a two-hour advocacy training session for parents and other interested parties.

Miss Kentucky, Mallory Ervin, attended the hearing and the advocacy training session; autism is her platform issue for the year.

Legislation for autism insurance reform was passed by the Senate Committee in 2009 and will be refilled for 2010 session by Rep. Scott Brinkman and Sen. Ray Jones.