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GOP, Democratic Platforms: 'Autism' Makes the Cut

September 05, 2012

WASHINGTON, DC (September 5, 2012) -- The 2012 Democratic and Republican party platforms have been issued and both make specific reference to autism among their policy goals for the next four years.

The Democratic platform statement (here), ratified Tuesday at the party convention in Charlotte, references autism in a section on Americans with Disabilities (Page 48):

"And the President and the Democratic Party will fiercely oppose the harsh cuts in Medicaid that would inevitably lead to no or significantly less health care for millions of Americans with disabilities, workers with disabilities, and
families raising children with autism, Down Syndrome, and other serious disabilities."

The Republican platform statement (here), ratified at last week's GOP convention in Tampa, addressed autism in a section on "Supporting Federal Healthcare Research and Development" (Page 34):

"We also support federal investment in basic and applied biomedical research, especially the neuroscience research that may hold great potential for dealing with diseases and disorders such as Autism, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s."

While the mention of autism in both of the party platforms is historical and exciting, our community needs to do everything possible to make it an unavoidable topic over the two months remaining before the election. 






Activists in Florida and Colorado (above) have attended rallies for Republican nominee Mitt Romney and the Democratic incumbent, President Barack Obama, to let them know that our 1 in 88 can’t wait.

Register with Autism Votes (here) to find out what you can do in your area and be sure to let your friends know that you will be voting on November 6 by RSVPing to our Facebook event!