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Autism Insurance Bills PASS First Round of Committee Meetings!!

March 18, 2008

Tallahassee, FL  (March 18, 2008) --  Both SB 2654 and HB 1291 passed in the State House and Senate Committee meetings today!! These bills will reform Florida state law to provide appropriate insurance coverage for children with autism for treatments and therapies including applied behavioral analysis therapy. 
Rep. Eduardo Gonzalez WITHDREW his amendment to lower the cap on benefits to $8,000.  Thank you to all those in his district who made last minute calls yesterday!!
SB 2654 passed unanimously in the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee meeting today.  HB 1291 passed almost unanimously in the House Health Innovation Committee meeting.  Three state representatives voted NO on HB 1291: Rep. Frishe, Rep. Weatherford, and Rep. Petronis.
A second round of Committee hearings in both houses is set to follow.  Stay tuned to Autism Votes for the lastest news and Take Action opportunity!