Ohio Autism Scholarship receives increased funding

July 7, 2021

An Autism Speaks-supported initiative to increase the annual amount of the Ohio Autism Scholarship was included in the newly-approved Ohio state budget. It represents $31 million in new funding for educating children with autism, to be provided over the next two fiscal years, such that the annual scholarship amount will increase from the current $27,000 up to $31,500 in the state’s fiscal year 2022 and $32,455 in fiscal year 2023. Governor DeWine just signed the state budget, making only a few line item vetoes.

This Ohio Autism Scholarship program demonstrates a strong commitment to the autism community and makes Ohio one of the leading states in this area. Scholarships provide families with the opportunity to select educational, therapeutic and behavioral services that best meet the individualized needs of their child, with expertise that is not always present in every school district. We are thankful for the leadership and support of Speaker Cupp, Senate President Huffman, Senator Bob Peterson, budget committee chairs and members, Governor DeWine and all who supported this initiative.

In Ohio, Autism Speaks will next advocate to make the state’s Medicaid autism benefit provide truly meaningful access to services for children and families. It currently falls short of this standard and is leaving many individuals waiting and losing time for critical help that can impact the trajectory of their lives.   

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