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Autism in the News - 03.26.12

Father makes raising awareness about autism his ‘mission’ in life (Canada)
At the family-owned and run Europa restaurant on 8th St. E. one evening recently, Acheles Stavrou was talking to a regular customer about something he clearly cared very deeply about, his eight-year-old autistic son Gregory. Read more.

Developmental delays, splinter skills and crystal balls (SF Gate)
Can you imagine what it feels like to hear that your child has a developmental disability? Here is my story: Read more.

Rethinking Autism As A ‘Whole Body’ Condition (Common Health)
We often think of autism as a disorder of the brain. And it certainly is. But a new book, “The Autism Revolution,” (Random House) by Dr. Martha Herbert, an autism expert and pediatric neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, and CommonHealth writer Karen Weintraub asserts a more comprehensive and wholistic view in which autism is really a condition of the whole body and should be treated with that in mind. Read more.

Should Some Autistic Kids Drive? (Medscape)
Hello. I'm Dr. Flaura Koplin Winston. I am a pediatrician, an engineer, and I direct the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. In this video, I will be discussing driving in teens with high-functioning autism disorders. Read more.

Autism Delaware to hold news conference about coverage for children with autism (Dover, Del.)
A news conference on the insurance inequalities faced by those with autism is scheduled for 1 p.m. Wednesday, March 28. Read more.