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What is Autism

We recommend that you first check your system to determine if it will support using the ASD Video Glossary. Click this link to see the system requirements.

What do I need to play the videos?
In order to view the streaming video, you must have the Adobe Flash Player, version 9 or higher. The Adobe Flash Player may be downloaded from Adobe. Click here for download page.

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the Treatment section of the ASD Video Glossary. The treatments presented here include some of the more commonly used interventions for children on the autism spectrum: behavioral interventions, developmental interventions, structured teaching and supports, clinical therapies, and toddler treatment models. We have chosen to focus on treatments that can be represented and understood in video format.

Autism Speaks' multi-year Ad Council public service advertising campaign stresses the importance of recognizing the early signs of autism and seeking early intervention services. The multi-media campaign, which includes television, radio, print and internet advertising, aims to motivate parents and caregivers of children aged 0-6 to learn the signs of autism

See examples of the television ads below.

"Maybe" - Eye Contact