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Calls to Action


October 10, 2007

AGRE, The Autism Genetic Resource Exchange, has collected clinical data and genetic material on over 600 families. Thanks to the many f

August 21, 2008

The Clinical Trials Network has two new locations participating in the Study of Fluoxetine in Autism (SOFIA): the University of South F

March 08, 2009

Families affected by autism have struggled with a lack of coordinated medical care for their children and have often expressed frustrat

October 04, 2007

224 publications produced and nearly 40 million dollars in further funding secured as a result of CAN investmentsTen years ago there we

March 05, 2008

A team of scientists at the Pasteur Institute, led by Cure Autism Now funded researcher Thomas Bourgeron, has published a study in Mole

May 06, 2008

On April 22, more than 200 interested participants convened at the campus of Vanderbilt University to discuss the role of the environme

August 30, 2007

Funding autism research is a primary goal of Autism Speaks. While ten years ago there were only a handful of scientists working on this

September 13, 2007

An international team of researchers headed by Thomas Bourgeron, Ph. D., has identified a set of mutations in a gene called SHANK3. Dr.