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Calls to Action


March 14, 2012: Senate approves SF.2128 by 43-7; bill moves to the House

February 21, 2012: SF.2128 voted unanimously out of Senate Commerce Committee; Senate floor vote next

February 6, 2012: SF.2128 introduced in Senate to expand coverage; referred to Senate Commerce Committee

January 1, 2011: Autism insurance reform law goes into effect!

February 14, 2012: SB.2631 voted out of Senate Health and Consumer Protection committees with amendments; referred to Senate Ways and Means Committee

January 25, 2012: HB.2405 introduced in House, referred to House Health Committee; SB.2631 introduced in Senate, referred to Senate Health Committee

January 20, 2012: SB.2603 introduced in Senate, referred to Senate Health Committee


February 25: Georgia Senate votes 51-0 for SB.397

February 19: Senate Insurance Committee Chairman Tim Golden introduces "compromise" Ava's Law, SB.397; new bill is voted unanimously out of committee

February 4: Ava's Law Rally heald at Georgia Capitol

January 16: Gov. Nathan Deal includes autism insurance coverage for state employees, public teachers in his state budget proposal

June 13, 2012:  House Insurance Committee releases SB.22 for final floor vote in the House

June 7, 2012: Senate approves SB.22 unanimously; bill moves to the House

June 6, 2012: SB.22 released by Senate Finance Committee; heads to Senate floor